Saturday, July 23, 2016

Honey Lemon Preserve ... Best Friend for Winter !!

This natural medicine for cold has taken its place in my Kitchen and it was such a great relief during this winter.

I used lemon peels after taking juicing the lemons. But you can go for lemon slices before juicing as well for preserving them in honey. 

The recipe cant be simpler than this. 

  • Lemons  : cut into slices / cubes.
  • Organic Honey : enough to fill the lemon slices. 


  • Wash and clean the lemons and pat them dry with kitchen towel. 
  • Cut them into thin slices or cubes. 
  • Take a clean and dry mason jar and fill it with the lemon pieces. 
  • Add honey to the jar and let it seep through the lemon pieces. Add enough so that the lemon pieces get covered in honey. 
  • Cover tightly and keep refrigerated. 
  • The syrup is ready to use in a week's time. 

A spoon full of this natural medicine is a great cure for soar throat , cold and cough. Kids love the flavour and so no more forcing to take medicine. You can enjoy a slice of the lemon peel as well and it tastes just like a candy.

Note : A few slices of Ginger also would have been a great addition. Will try out next time.

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