Monday, April 4, 2016

After a Long Break !!

My butterfly shaped Gland is on its way to a natural cure !!

Hi everyone...

I can't believe I'm back to blogging after 4 long years .....Thanks for the friends and well wishers who kept on sending messages which was truly an inspiration to be back.

I'm so happy to share with you how food became the medicine for my long battle with hypothyroidism which was holding me back from doing many things for the last few years. 

The moment I started feeling better with my thyroid condition , the first thing I wanted to do was to share a word about it. Just how I got help from Google research , I hope someone struggling like me will get a helping hand too. 

So here I'm feeling tonnes better than before , to share with you my story as well as some more recipes tried and tested from my kitchen. 

( It is quite a long post start reading when you are free to spare a few minutes !! )

The last time I sat down and posted something was in July 2012....Yes, it is almost 4 years since I didn't feel like writing anything to post here....I was blaming my hectic routine and other commitments for my inability to maintain a blog.....But that wasn't the whole picture...It was something which was eating me from inside and that was my under active THYROID ( Hashimoto's disease to be specific) . 

What is the relevance of writing about thyroid problem in a food blog , Right ? 

I wanted to share my story of how I overcame my symptoms with hypothyroidism , ever since I found my way for healing it naturally with simple diet changes. Thyroid disorders are such badly diagnosed diseases and even more badly treated with the present medical system. So writing about my experience and the natural ways of curing it with simple food changes is of great relevance. 

Please keep in mind that the reason for developing a thyroid problem may vary from person to person and so please don't take this as a medical advice of any type. I'm not a medically trained person. 

My story begins here....

It was in 2007 that we ( me and my husband ) moved to Australia and it was such a big change in my life , even though I didn't feel it at that time. 

Major changes in my life were
  • Full time Research Job to stay time home wife & mother 
  • New country and new environment
  • New friends
  • Helping hand easily available to D.I.Y ( Do It Yourself)
  • Climate change ( Tropical to Temperate  )
  • New food habits  & New ingredients in kitchen 
  • Dilemmas in raising the first baby away from your home country  etc etc ....
I was happy with all these changes and never ever felt looking back especially when I had my first baby. Life was completely changed. I wanted to be with my son each and every moment of his childhood days. 

But slowly things were changing beyond my control. I recognized my low enthusiasm in doing the daily chores along with other symptoms which I will detail below. But the reason I went to see a Dr was for my constant knee pain which started in 2009. Straight away Dr said it was the beginning of Arthritis. I believed it and started hunting for natural ways to get myself free from it. Giving up plain flour was part of my research in this front. You can have a look at my post on ditching plain flour in 2011. 
I also adopted water therapy which as per my knowledge was a natural cure for arthritis. 

But things didn't change much after that and there were other symptoms which came along.
  • Frequent attack of cold and flu
  • Cold intolerance
  • Hair loss
  • Dry skin
  • Tickling in hands ( especially in winter )
  • Body aches 
  • Hoarse voice 
  • Tiredness ( All the time )
  • Weight fluctuation 
  • Sugar craving 
  • Panic attacks 
  • Mind fogging
  • Lack of concentration etc etc ....
Cant remember , how many times I had been to the Dr again and again for my problems and came home with loads of "antibiotics" which I hated to take but I was left with no other option as I needed that energy to run behind an active toddler. 

The Dr kept on sending me for test after test and all of them came negative and finally after about two years of suffering I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was prescribed thyroxine (75 u) and like an energy booster I could see the difference in me. I was back with the energy to do the daily chores but never was the really active person I was before. Though the mind fogging was feeling much better , I kept on having other symptoms even after I started the thyroxine replacement. 

It was during this time that I was on holiday in India and decided to show a orthopaedic for my knee pain. That diagnosis really helped to give me a great relief that I didn't have any arthritis , but it was inflammation of the spinal nerves which caused the knee pain. That Dr prescribed Glucosamine for me which I later understood as to be good for reducing inflammation. That really worked. Also he suggested me to have my daily stretches as well. 
So I restarted my old routine by doing Surya Namaskar ( Sun Salutation)  in the morning followed by some breathing exercises and meditation. 

That indeed was a great relief for me. I also understood the importance of a maintaining stress free lifestyle for cure from hypothyroidism. 

After about a year , I started to feel tired again. This time it was  the new addition of Vit D deficiency. I wasn't really sure at that time if thyroid problem was the cause for Vit D deficiency or vice versa. There were many articles online on this topic which simply made me more and more confused. So without much investigation I started my Vit D supplements. That made such a big difference after all. But being the slave of two tablets ( thyroxine and Vit D) daily was something that kept bothering me. 

Left with no other option from 3 more Drs whom I consulted , I started my search for the causes of developing hypothyroidism and a solution for it. Thanks to Google that anyone can be a researcher these days. Based on many articles that I read, I decided to add some routines to my life which were
  • Skipped the morning Tea and replaced it with 1 litre of plain water ( as part of water therapy). 
  • Surya Namaskars along with breathing exercises and meditation.
  • Going to bed early and getting up early ( this was already a part of me , but tried to stick with more seriousness ). 
Things were going fine so far and my son started his school life and I got the courage and strength to get out do something to keep myself engaged. I joined for a 1 year course at the Uni and I was really proud of myself to get over those painful days and finish the quite hectic course with 9 subjects in just 9 months. 

I was always tempted to experiment myself with reducing my dosage of thyroxine and slowly getting rid of it, but didn't have the courage somehow. It was during the session break of my course at the Uni that we had our 2 weeks trip to Japan. And then I forgot to take my daily tablets with me...So that was indeed a chance for me to experiment without thyroxine. I should say that I was pretty good during and after the trip. I was amazed with the fact that I could do well without those supplements. But it didn't last long. 

As part of the course at the Uni , I had to get involved in some sports activities which really did the havoc. I was feeling so bad and slowly got back to square one where I started. Wish I had known at that time that strenuous physical activities are not recommended for a hypothyroid person. Anyway, I had my next visit to my GP and checked my blood. Vit D and thyroxine levels were pretty low. Got back my support system of daily dosage of thyroxine and Vit D. Things started getting better and again I was back to normal. 

Meanwhile we were expecting our second bundle of joy and I was bit cautious to do any more experiments at this stage. So stayed away from the thought of getting rid of hypothyroidism for the next 9 months until my baby arrived safely to this world. Overall I was active and healthy during pregnancy and I was able to breastfeed my baby as well. That was such a great relief for me having read that hypothyroidism can affect your ability to conceive and also breastfeed. 

Once my bub was almost 5 months old, again the old thought of getting rid of thyroid problem resurfaced. And this time I had all the courage to achieve my goal. Even though I had read "N" number of times about diet restrictions for thyroid patients , I didn't dare to experiment.  Not this time. So I started my "Google research" again and My question was answered at this beautiful website which was started by a person who had overcome her thyroid disease using natural methods. Her story was really inspirational for me and this time I took it really seriously. There was a 15 days free lesson which I followed strictly. Just after the first week I could feel the difference in me. I was strongly getting  the feel that I'm on the way for a complete recovery and no more going to be the slave of thyroxine supplements. 

There is a list of things which I changed in my diet and they really gave me "Wow"moments as I was feeling better and better with each change. It gave me confidence in the great Words "You are what you eat " and that "our body has the power to heal itself , given it the right fuels at the right time". 

I also started working with my Naturopath who helped me find my mineral deficiencies and provided me with the right supplements to heal an under active thyroid. She has given me the confidence to move forward and I started to feel better with each day. Also I lost 26 Kgs which I had put on after my delivery and was not able to kick off at all.

I also understood the connection of all the varying symptoms that I was having, as if I was putting together a jigsaw puzzle. 90% of my symptoms are gone now.

Here are some of the major dietary changes that helped me feel better. 
  • No to Gluten 
  • No to Sugar and processed foods 
  • No to Coffee 
  • No to Dairy 
Trust me with these simple changes only, I was able to get back half the energy that I had before being sick with my thyroid issues. 

All these changes have really helped me see food not just as something to fill up when you are hungry. My relation with food itself has changed for ever. 

I wrote this to be of help to any desperate thyroid patients like me, to get some cure naturally and to have the belief that it is indeed possible to cure your conditions and feel better with some diet changes.  

Some of the Websites that you can find more detailed information and help !!!

Thanks for taking your time to read my story & see you soon with more info on thyroid friendly diets and life style changes!!



  1. Very informative D V. I will try to go sugar free.

  2. Thanks D V.I will try out the remedies mentioned in your blog.

  3. I was a regular visitor of this blog around 5 years ago and noticed that it got stopped. Glad that you started it again.

  4. Loved ur article Deepti. Missing talking to you.


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