Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Achappam...Kerala's Rosette cookies

Kerala Achappam

Glad to be back to blogging after  a long break...

It is another authentic Kerala recipe to share for today...I learnt this from my mom in law...
My son was so happy to see his achamma [paternal gradma] making them during our last Kerala trip, that he has made a rhyming song with Achappam.....

"Achamma undakkiya Achappam 
 Achappam undakkiya Achamma"

Today Achappam was his requested snack for after school and hence I made a batch of them for him....

Here comes the recipe..


  1. Rice flour ( unroasted )               - 3 cups [ made fresh from rice ]
  2. Sugar                                            - 1/2 cup [ can increase if you prefer sweeter ones]
  3. Eggs                                              - 3 Nos 
  4. Coconut Milk                               - 3/4 cups
  5. Black Sesame seeds                   - 1 Tbsp
  6. Oil                                                 - enough for frying
Making of Achappam


  1. Since the recipe calls for unroasted rice flour, I prefer to prepare it fresh each time. 
  2. To make rice flour , wash and soak 2 cups of white rice ( I used sona masuri ) for 2 to 3 hrs. Then let it drain for 1/2 hr. Now blend it to a smooth powder using a mixer. Keep this aside. It may be more than 3 cups of flour. So for step 4 measure from this and use. 
  3. Using a mixer or blender, beat the eggs along with the sugar until the sugar dissolves. 
  4. Now add sesame seeds , coconut milk and 3 cups of rice flour to this and mix well so that you end up with a smooth , lump free batter of pouring consistency. [see pic above].
  5. We can start making the Achappams now. For this heat oil in a deep bottom pan. 
  6. While the oil is getting hot, dip the achappam mould into it and let it get heated up. 
  7. Take a little of the batter in a smaller bowl in which you can dip the mould. ( This helps to prevent the entire batter from getting hot while we dip the mould in it. )
  8. Once the oil is hot, remove the mould from it. Now dip this hot mould into the batter taken in the smaller bowl so that it gets covered upto 3/4 th of its height. Now slowly remove the mould from the batter and immedietly dip in the hot oil. [see video]. Do remember to keep the oil on medium heat throughout the process.
  9. The oil will start bubbling. Wait for a couple of seconds and then slowly start shaking the mould. Now the achappam will get separated from the mould. 
  10. Let it get fried in the oil until both the sides turn brownish. Turn it over to get both sides done.
  11. Now remove the achappam and drain off the oil in a paper towel. 
  12. We can make 3 or more achappams simulataneously depending on the size of the frying pan. 
  13. Also dont forget to keep the mould dipped in hot oil between each batch of frying. 
  14. Once cooled, keep them in an air tight container and start enjoying with your evening tea.
Here is a video of the making process....

  • I could make 36 Achappams from the above recipe.
  • The oil should be hot enough and at the same should not be over heated. In both cases,  the batter wont be separating from the mould easily.



  1. Beautiful achhappams...glad to see a post from you after a long time

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  10. you brought back childhood memories with these "rose cakes"!!! hahaha... thats we used to call them as kids. and my Mallu Christian classmate used to get these to school for us to gobble up :) The rosette cookies look fab... and hey, you have been missing from ur blog for so long! Hope alls good...

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