Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am Tagged..........

Thanks Anzz of Anzz cafe for tagging my space....

Plz do check out Anzz Cafe to enjoy some fresh Recipe ideas along with her stunning presentation and beautiful clicks... I just loved her fried apple pies....It is truly a very tempting dessert...

Coming to the tagging part , if I were asked to answer the below questions from another blog it would have been easier..... Isn't it hard to choose from your own blog  ?.....I have tried my best and I think I have done a good job with the tagging game and  hope you all will enjoy reading.....

Here are the questions......

1. My most beautiful post.

For any blogger, all the pics they take are precious and beautiful...So it is really hard to choose....My paal payasam is the one which I have chosen for this title...I was happy that I have improved a lot on my clicks when I compare my first post with the latest one...Still a long way to go for sure...

2. My most popular post.

This is the post for which I have received most of the traffic. It was one of those early clicks...After that I dont really know how many times I have made it.... But never bothered to click again and update the post...So that is one thing in the 'TO DO' list. 

3. My most controversial post.
I was really surprised to see one of the photos from my blog being used in some other blog without my permission...Though I was aware of plagarism , I never experienced it....My Dates bread's click was the one which was lifted from my space. It's water mark was neatly removed and it was used as the snap for a Panchamrutham recipe....What a choice of photo for Panchamrutham and to mislead people....I'm not mentioning the website here....So that is only post that I can include under the controversial title...

4. My most helpful post.

When I started this blog I wasn't having any particular aim other than penning down my recipes for later use and to share with you... But in this culinary journey I have always kept an open eye towards what goes into each of the recipes... So as and when I get to read something which makes me think on what we are putting on to our plates and how it affects our health, I became more cautious and whenever I get a chance, I use my blog as a medium for sharing what I have learnt over the time.

Why I said No to Madia is one such posts with which I wanted to give some insight for a healthy eating. If this post could make some change in the eating habits even for a single person I will feel greatly honored.

How to make butter from Cream was another useful post as some of my readers have pointed out

5. A post that’s success surprised me.

Rasulla is basically a Bengali sweet which we all love a lot. When I made them and posted the recipe I never thought that I am going to get such good response for it. This recipe's success was truly a surprise for me.

6. A post which I feel did not get the attention it deserved.

I simply love this Aussie dessert for its texture and for the goodness of dates in it. Though its clicks were the outcome of my early days of blogging, I simply love them. And I was wondering why not much visitors for it yet.

7. The post of which I am most proud of.

After my awareness about the usage of Maida, I try to substitute it with other healthier alternatives whenever and where ever possible. I never had any clue that Jilebi can be made without maida and still not losing its taste. My attempt with that substitution and the successful outome of it made me really proud with this recipe.

Now it is time to keep the ball rolling and let me tag five of my fellow bloggers, which I had chosen randomly. 

  1. Veggie Platter
  2. Zesty South Indian Kitchen
  3. Few minute Wonders
  4. My singapore Kitchen
  5. Look Whos Cooking too
Hope you will join the link....


  1. very interesting recap of your it..;)
    Tasty Appetite

  2. That is lovely post dear. You do have a wonderful site and am sure you will do better with each passing post. All the best.

  3. Nice to see all delicious and yummy recipes.

  4. so many dishes in one postloo all delicious

  5. I too loved reading your "Why I said no to Maida" post..Loved reading the other posts too

  6. Nice post, thanks for tagging me,in couple of week i will tagg.

  7. Not only informative but delicious post you have here!


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