Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Manga Curry / Mango Pickle

mango pickle / manga curry

During my first Onam here, I was wondering whether I will have to buy store bought mango pickle for the sadya or not, as Mangoes were not something common that I found here...It should come from other states...But with the onset of Spring, [ which falls in time for Onam ] Mangoes start coming to market....The first time I saw raw mango in the shops here, was a moment of great joy...

Now that years have passed, I wait for spring to bless us with some mangoes.......
And finally they are here  this year too....

Last time I had shared another mango pickle called kadumanga which is a dry preparation. Today's pickle is more runny and so we call it manga curry....Because of the moisture content it wont stay longer like the other one...But it is not a problem as it wont be there to be stored for longer at my home....

This is again one of my favorite recipes from my MIL which I love a lot....

Here is it.

  1. Raw Mango                  -    2 Nos.
  2. Salt                                -    1 Tbsp
  3. Seasame oil                  -   3 Tbsps
  4. Mustard seeds            -    1 Tbsp
  5. Turmeric powder        -    1/8 tsp
  6. Asafoetida                    -    1/4 tsp
  7. Red chillie Powder      -   2 Tbsps
  8. Fenugreek powder     -   1/4 tsp
  9. Water                           -    1/4 cup

  1. Wash the mangoes and wipe them to get devoid of any moisture.
  2. Cut them into small cubes. Size depends on your preference. I like small cubes.
  3. Take it in a bowl and mix with salt. Keep this for at least a day before making the pickle. This helps for the salt to get infused and bring out the natural moisture from mango. I had kept for 2 days.
  4. So with the time consuming part over, you can make the pickle any time you wish. 
  5. First mix the ingredients 5 to 8 with water to a smooth paste and keep aside.
  6. Now heat a small pan and add oil.
  7. Once it is hot, add mustard seeds and allow them to sputter.
  8. Now keep the flame to low and add the masala paste to it. Keep stirring and bring it to boil. Let it cook for a couple of minutes and then turn off the flame.
  9. Allow the gravy to cool down completely.
  10. Now transfer it to the mango pieces and mix well. 
  11. Pickle is ready to be stored. You can keep it refrigerated for a longer shelf life.
  12. Use a clean and dry spoon to take the pickle.
Mango Pickle / Manga Curry

Enjoy making this easy pickle for the upcoming OnaSadya.


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