Friday, April 15, 2011

Aval Payasam [ Beaten Rice Pudding / Poha Kheer ]

Aval Payasam

Happy Vishu to all my readers.....

Wishing  you all a very Happy and Prosperous Year ahead.

No Indian festival is complete without a dessert to go along with the long list of other delicacies......And Vishu is no exception, as there is the elaborate Sadya for lunch time....

Since today is a working day here, I've postponed the Sadya part for tomorrow, but not the dessert....So here is a simple and easy payasam recipe that I prepared today for the occasion.....

Vishukani 2011

Here comes the recipe......


  1. Brown Beaten Rice        -  1 1/2 cups [White beaten rice also can be used. Choose the thicker variety ]  
  2. Ghee                                   -  3 Tbsps
  3. Milk                                     2 1/2 cups
  4. Jaggery                              -  3/4 cup [ You can substitute with sugar as well ]
  5. Cardamom Powder          -  1/2 tsp
  6. Coconut pieces                 -  2 Tbps [ Cashews , Raisins etc can also be used for garnishing]


  1. Roast the coconut pieces in 1/2 Tbsp of ghee and keep aside. 
  2. Heat a thick bottom pan and add the remaining ghee to it.
  3. One it is hot, add the beaten rice and stir for sometime till it gets roasted lightly in the ghee. [ Since I have used brown beaten rice, there wasn't much color change. If you are using white one, you can stop stirring once the color slightly changes to brownish.]
  4. Now add 1 1/2 cups of the milk and keep stirring until the beaten rice gets cooked in it. It may take about 8  -  10 mins. The beaten rice becomes very soft once it is cooked.
  5. Add Jaggery and cardamom powder and keep stirring. 
  6. Finally add the remaining milk and bring it to boil. The consistency can be adjusted as you prefer by adding more / less milk. Keep in mind that the milk gets soaked up and the payasam will get thicker if you keep it for long.
  7. Payasam can be now transfered to a serving bowl and garnished with the roasted coconut pieces.



  1. Aval payasam adipoli, Happy vishu to you and your family.

  2. Yummy payasam.. healthy :)

    new to ur blog n happy to follow for more wonderful recipes..

    do visit me when u get time dear..

  3. never tried the brown beaten rice.Sounds interesting and yummy.happy vishu to u all

  4. Happy Vishu dear.. payasam looks yummy...

  5. Wishing you a Happy Vishu and this payasam looks so tempting and delicious...!!

  6. Wish you a very happy new year!! Nice and healthy payasam!

    You have some awards awaiting in my blog. Pls collect them. :)


  7. ayyo aval payasam adipololi kandittu kothi akunnu

  8. this is one of my favorite kind of payasam - the blog name and the roses look divine :)


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