Saturday, February 26, 2011

Home Made Butter .... !!!!!

Home Made Butter
Last day while shopping I saw some bottles of thickened cream in the Price Reduced Section.......Since butter was there in my shopping list, I just picked up the thickened cream  to try out some home made butter and to make some home made ghee thereafter.

I have seen my mom collecting the cream from daily milk and then making butter from it...That time it was like seeing a science experiment to watch her making tasty home made butter....But I had never tried it out myself...So here is my first and successful attempt at making butter....

Making of Butter

The differences from my mom's days with mine are that I get store bought thickened cream here, so no need to collect over a few days....Also I used an electric beater where as she was used to making butter in  her blender using ice cold water....

You can try with the wooden churner in the good old way too....I'm using an electric beater just to save a bit of time...

Now the process is self illustrative from pics...., still here are the steps....

  1. Thickened cream                         - 600ml
  2. Ice cubes / Ice cold water          - 5 to 6 cups
  1. Electric Beater or a churner
  2. Bowl - 1 [ should be large enough to hold 600 ml cream ]
  3. Largeer bowl - 1 [ Should hold the other bowl in it ]
  4. Colander or muslin cloth
  5. Freezer safe container 
  6. Cling wrap or Baking paper
  1. Keep some ice cubes in the larger bowl and keep the other bowl over the top of it.
  2. Pour the thickened cream into the smaller bowl.
  3. Now start beating the thickened cream in a high speed..It takes about 6-8 mins with an electric beater for the butter to start forming from the cream.
  4. After step 4 in the first pic, reduce the speed to medium and continue beating until you can see the buttermilk getting separated...Butter making is done at this stage....
  5. Next is to give it a good wash to remove the buttermilk and give it a longer shelf life. I used a colander to drain the butter. You can also use a muslin cloth instead.
  6. Now keep pouring ice cold water over the top until the drained water becomes clearer and clearer. You can see the water getting clearer with each step. It took 5 washes for me to get clean water below.
  7. Adding salt or any other flavoring can be done now, which I have avoided as I want to make ghee from it later on.
  8. Line a freezer safe container with cling wrap and transfer the butter to it, just to give it some shape.
  9. Keep refrigerated or you can keep it in freezer if you want to use for long.

Note : I got about 300gm of butter form 600ml of thickened cream.

Simply start enjoying the goodness of preservative-free home made butter with just a bit of extra time from you..


  1. Even its bit time consuming,i dont bother to make,thanks for sharing..

  2. This is certainly the best homemade butter! Thanks for sharing...

  3. Sammadhichu thannirikunnu, Deepthi..Enganeya butter undakkunnenne enikku yathoru ideayum ellarunnu..Thanks for sharing the step pics!

  4. It's worth doing that much effort....tastes best...

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Good job :-) My daughter learned this from a science class and asked me to buy some cream for her, just to make butter.She made it and we all loved it :D

  6. I remember Amma making butter at home sometimes.
    I make ghee at home and never have made butter myself. I instead go in for the easy option of store bought butter. Homemade must have had a better taste and aroma.

  7. looks so yummy that I am afraid I will put on weight just by looking at this :)Love your pictorials dear!

  8. interesting..Will try to make sometime.


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