Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kerala Fish Curry........Version 2

Kerala Fish Curry

Last day I was putting together all my recipes to make a Recipe Index...And then  I noticed the fact that being a Blog which is supposed to have more recipes from Kerala and being a hardcore fish lover myself, there aren't enough fish recipes here.. That made me think about the problem..

Mostly I prepare fish curries in the evening for dinner ...And then the lighting will be poor to get a good snap...So I will postpone, thinking to take a click in the morning, which never used to happen...

Yesterday I decided not to take the fish curry for dinner so that I can have it the next day after having it posed for Panchamrutham...So finally I could get a click...

Now, There is nothing much special with this curry as far as a Keralite is concerned, as it a common recipe with Cambodge, the wonder ingredient which is a substitute for tamarind....But what makes this curry special for me was the fact that my first batch of raw tomatoes has gone into it...I used them instead of ripe tomatoes which is used in the usual recipe.......I simply loved the flavour it has given...Of course you can use ripe tomatoes and proceed with the recipe..

Normally Fish curries taste better the following day of their preparation and this was one more reason for me to avoid it for dinner yesterday.....
We enjoyed this fish curry along with rice for today's lunch.....

Now here is the simple recipe....

  1. Fish                                                      - 1/2 Kg [ I used 3 whole white travelly ]
  2. Onion                                                   - 2 medium size [ thinly sliced ]
  3. Garlic                                                   - 1 Tbsp [ sliced ]
  4. Ginger                                                 - 1 Tbsp [ sliced ]
  5. Green Chillie                                      - 1 large [ sliced ]
  6. Raw Tomatoes                                   - 2 [ sliced ]
  7. Cambodge                                           - 3-4 peices
  8. Kashmiri Red Chillie powder           - 1 Tbsp
  9. Corainder Powder                             - 1 tsp
  10. Turmeric Powder                              - 1/4 tsp
  11. Fenugreek Powder                            - 1/2 tsp
  12. Curry leaves                                       - a bunch
  13. Salt                                                       - 1 tsp
  14. Oil                                                        - 1 Tbsp
  15. Water                                                   - 2 cups
  1. Wash and clean the fish pieces and keep aside.
  2. Take 1/2 cup of lukewarm water and soak the cambodge in it. Keep this aside.
  3. Heat a large thick bottom Pan and add oil.  [ I used traditional mud vessel called meenchatti ] .
  4. Once hot add the curry leaves , ginger , garlic and green chillie. Saute them for a minute.
  5. Add the sliced onions along with salt. Saute them till they are soft and brownish.
  6. Now add the sliced tomatoes and a saute till they become soft.
  7. Add the ingredients 8-11 and stir for a minute without getting burnt.
  8. Now add the Cambodge along with the water. Add rest of the water and bring it to boil.
  9. Finally add the fish pieces and cook for 20-25 mins. Fish Curry is Ready to serve...

Serve them hot or serve them the next day a better taste.



  1. The fish curry looks absolutely mouthwatering...yummy.

  2. MOuthwatering fish curry, adding raw tomatoes in curry sounds very delicious..

  3. So yummy and it is so special since you're using home grown tomato for making this gravy...

  4. Irresistible fish curry..yummy and spicy

  5. Fish curry kollam ketto, superb color! Ente amma aviyalnu pacha thakkali cherkkarundu..

  6. looks delicious n spicy fish curry


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