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It is exactly one year and one month since I had posted for the first time at Panchamrutham...It was mainly out of boredom [ which came whenever my little one was asleep and when all my house hold works were over ] , that I decided to start writing down my recipes at this space...Also, I never had the habit of book marking recipes, which made me waste a lot of time scratching my head for the successful recipe that I had tried before...Now that I have an online recipe book, I can easily come back and refer as required...

I didn't have any idea about this wonderful world of blogging while stepping into it...It is really a great experience learning from my fellow bloggers and to enjoy their visual treats...I am a great admirer of wonderful clicks... In fact that is the first thing that I look for than the recipe details...Still have to learn a lot to be more professional in photography...

It is a sweet recipe that I am sharing today, which is again one of my favourites...It keeps me worried about the fat intake after indulging in too much, but still cant resist when I get to have some...

This is basically a Bengali sweet which we used to enjoy at one of the Bengali sweet shops in Bangalore...Cant forget those office break outings with my dear friend Anu to quench the post lunch sweet cravings...

I happened to talk with a European lady last month, who is married to a Bengali and she started a conversation about Rasgulla making....Her comment was like this.."With so of much effort and time I prepare them ..But they get over in a matter of seconds"...So that is the best way it can be explained I think.... But personally I never felt that much of effort ...Also while talking to her I understood that she uses yoghurt for the curdling process and that may be the reason for the difficulty and so I suggested the Vinegar method and she was so happy to get that info... Should ask her the next time I meet, if it is still that hard to make Rasgullas...I am sure the answer will definitely be a "No"...

Now, enough of my stories and here is the recipe for soft and spongy rasgullas...

  1. Full Cream Milk           - 1 litre
  2. White Vinegar              - 1 1/2 Tbsp
  3. Water                            - 1 1/2 cup 
  4. White Sugar                 - 1/2 cup [ you can add more if you prefer].
  1. Bring the milk to boil in a large non stick pan. 
  2. Once it starts to boil, add vinegar and keep stirring. The milk starts to curdle now and note that it takes only a few seconds for it to curdle completely. 
  3. Switch off the burner and strain the curdled milk using a strainer or muslin cloth. Squeeze to remove the the excess liquid and allow it to cool.
  4. Take the curdled cheese in a small bowl and knead it for a couple of minutes until it turns smooth.
  5. Meanwhile heat the water with sugar in a wide mouthed. Let it come to boil.
  6. Make small balls out of the curdled mix and put in the boiling sugar syrup. Please make sure that you add the balls only when the sugar solution is boiled. You can see the balls floating over when you add them. 
  7. Allow it to boil for about 15-20 mins in medium heat.
Sweet and Soft Rasgullas are ready...But just wait for it to cool down before serving...You can keep it refrigerated and serve chilled too..

Note: I got about 18 rasgullas from the recipe.

Sending my Rasgullas to Nivedita's Celebrate - Bengali Sweets event hosted by Padmajha of Seduce Your Taste Buds


  1. lovely ... i love them anytime anyday... when i made i used Yoghurt instead of Vinegar, as vinegar tends to leave a saour taste. try my version as on .. http://chackoskitchen.com/2010/05/rosogulla-it-is-delicious

  2. droolworthy rasgulla...clicks making me drool..:)

  3. I can finish all the rasgullas in minutes.

  4. Yummy yummy rasgullas..Perfect and delicious!! Superb pics..

  5. I believe lime juice also works best for curdling the milk....

  6. Congrats on completing ur 1st year of blogging, these are really delicious and perfectly done...


  7. Hi Deepti,

    Here in ur blog for the first time.. Got this from PJ'S Roundup for bengali sweets.. JUst had a simple question.. Did u cover the vessel while making the rasogullas or covered it.. Let me know..

  8. I love sweets and I love rosagollaass :D Yummm


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