Monday, September 6, 2010

Yes it is Black Forest again........Eggless this time...

Eggless Blackforest Cake
How I wish to be more regular with blogging, as before... Simply couldn't find time to be near my computer as so many other things are keeping me happily busy at my new home…Also , whenever I plan to post something, either the photos were not turning good or the dish itself were not up to the mark….Need to find some motivation for a kick start .....

After the last attempt at my favorite blackforest cake  , I had got an order for an eggless one   from one of my friends.....Though I knew that I wont be able to enjoy tasting it , I was very happy to take up the order just because of my love for this cake...And I thoroughly enjoyed each of the steps and it seemed a lot more easier this time.....I found egg less one much simpler than the one with eggs ....And being egg less haven't made it any less attractive in its colour or texture at any point…

I referred a few sites before trying the eggless one and the recipe at Nestle’s site was the one I followed for the gateau…Only change was that I had to use a little more of cola than prescribed in the recipe, rest is the same........And for the filling, layering and assembling, I simply followed the steps from my previous post ….

As it was to be delivered for a B'day party and since I haven't tried  egg less one before , I made the gateau 1 day before and kept it in the refrigerator as I didn't want to take a chance at the last minute...In case my gateau goes wrong, I will have enough time to try again.......But the reference recipe was so good that it all went well ....Now, there was an advantage that I could easily cut the layers and do the rest of the filling and assembling as it gave a firm texture for the cake, after being in the refrigerator for a day....So I recommend making the gateau 1 day before doing the rest of the steps..It really helps to make the work easier...

I was very excited to do the decoration with my new icing press gifted by dear friend Sujatha....Thanks a lot dear....!!  There was no more mess with home made piping bags, which was the way I used to do before....Still need to go a long way mastering the art of icing....

And finally my first customer was very happy with their Bday Cake, which was something nice to hear after a hardwork...

Now , here goes the recipe...


  • For the Eggless Gateau

  1. Sweetened Condensed Milk  - 400 gm [ 1 tin]
  2. Butter                                       - 100 gm
  3. All purpose flour                     - 1  3/4 cups
  4. Cocoa powder                          - 1/4 cup
  5. Baking Powder                        - 1 tsp
  6. Soda Bicarbonate                    - 1 tsp
  7. Vanilla Essence                       - 1 tsp
  8. Aerated Soda                          - 200ml [ I used Coke]
Kindly refer to my previous post for the rest of the ingredients for the filling and topping. As it is the same I havent repeated the steps here.


  • Eggless Gateau
  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. Heat the butter in either a sauce pan or microwave , just enough to melt it. Set it aside to cool down.
  3. Sift together the all purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and soda bicarbonate 2-3 times and keep aside.
  4. Grease an 8'' diameter tin with butter and dust with a little flour from the above prepared flour mixture.Keep it aside.
  5. Once the butter is cooled enough, take it in a mixing bowl.
  6. Add the condensed milk to it and beat it for about 2-3 mins until well combined. 
  7. Now add the vanilla essence to this and beat once more to combine. 
  8. Continue beating and add 2-3 Tbsps of the flour mixture while beating. 
  9. Now pour some cola to the mix while still beating. 
  10. Continue with alternating flour mix and cola until they are finished and you get a nice consistency for the batter. 
  11. Now pour the mix to the prepared tin and bake for 40-45 mins.
  12. Insert a skewer to check if the cake is ready and allow it to cool on a wire rack before proceeding to the next steps. 
Once again, please refer to my previous post for the preparation of the filling , layering  and assembling. Only in the decoration part milk chocolate shavings was used instead of chocolate strands in this recipe....Rest is the same...

Enjoy making this wonderful Cake and remember to serve chilled.......!! 

Enjoy !! !! !! 

Here is one more attempt at Eggless Black Forest Cake prepared for a Bday Party last week...


  1. Wow. looks so yummy and perfect.. thanks for sharing dear !!

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  3. eggless or not I take it Cheers de Paris Pierre

  4. Wow cake i love cake these look amazing. Thank u for droping comments in my blog and nice to follow u.


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