Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kerala Paratha !!

Kerala Paratha
May had kept me busy with my hubby's & my son's B'days & our wedding anniversary.....!! After all those happy moments there was a sad time too as my beloved grandfather ( some one so dear to me)  expired the same month.....!! So All together I was a bit away from the blogging world....!!

Now I'm back with a special Kerala recipe, the Kerala Paratta also known as Malabar Paratta which is one of the favorite Mallu items..., Especially in combination with a spicy non Veg curry....!!

It is a common sight to see the Thattukadas ( small mobile hotels that open in the evenings on road sides) getting crowded with Paratta lovers....It always seemed to be a great work seeing them making parattas with the flapping of the dough and that really held me from trying them at home...Now that I have given a try, it is no more a Big deal making parattas at home.... And it is a much loved item by my hubby & son...So it was worth an effort for me...!! 

Just a little thought on plain flour which is the main ingredient for this paratta.....Plain flour is used for this paratta as it gives the right conisteny for working with and getting the layers...But before indulging in too much of parattas,  please keep in mind that plain flour is a zero nutrient ingredient for your body as it is made from wheat flour after all its bran and germ are removed... Of course , it applies to all food items made from plain flour !!......( Read more on this here !)

Anyway, once in a while it is ok... !! So go ahead with the recipe...

  1. All purpose flour - 2 cups
  2. Salt                       - 1 tsp
  3. Sugar                   - 1/2 tsp 
  4. Milk                     - 2 Tbsps
  5. Water         - 3/4 cup ( adjust accordingly)
  6. Oil                        - enough for kneading.
  1. Mix the flour with salt and sugar in a bowl.
  2. Add milk and water to this and make a smooth dough.
  3. Now transfer this to a clean bench top. Oil the surface and knead the dough for 2-3 mins till it becomes soft and pliable.  (Pic 1).
  4. Cover this with an oiled cloth piece and keep aside for 1/2 hour.
  5. Now knead the dough once more and divide into 7 equal size balls. ( Pic 2). Cover this again and keep for 10 more mins. 
  6. Oil the surface again and press each ball with your hand to spread it out. Press from inside to outside till it forms a very thin sheet ( Pic 3). Dont worry if some patches form at his stage, it is not going to affect the final paratta shape. 
  7. Now starting from one end, slowly start making pleats ( pics 4 & 5). ( Remember taking saree pleats).
  8. Coil the pleated strip starting from one end ( pics 6 & 7 ).
  9. Press the coiled balls using a rolling pin and flatten them as you make rotis, but dont make it very thin. 
  10. Heat a flat pan / tawa and cook the parattas. Flip over over to get the other side done.  
Dont Forget to serve them hot with your favorite curry & Enjoy !!!!!


  1. fav. u have done a very good job dear. nice clicks too. yumm.

  2. Flaky paratta looks fantastic and irresistible..

  3. so sorry to hear abt your grandfather...may his soul rest in peace...& kerala paratha looks too good, i have tried it once but didnt come out as expected and there were no layers too..will try your way and let you know..

  4. Sorry abt ur grandfather dear.. I like parotta very much dear taste yummy with chalna,,,here, we bought frozen parotta from India after hvng that again we feel to hv the parotta..ur's makes me hungry n mouthwatering dear...

  5. Sorry abt ur grandfather dear...parotta looks very yummy dear.will try soon..

  6. Turned out perfect.Chicken kurma excellent combo for this.

  7. Sorry to hear about your grandfather... your kerala paratha looks great... we tried making it once and it was a major flop... next time we will try to use your recipe...

  8. Really sorry to hear about your grandfather. Kerala paratha looks really perfect!! Feel like having it with beef curry right now..

  9. Sad to know about your grandfather... Parattas sure taste great,yours look so crispy and flaky...

  10. The oarathas have come out superbly well..I like this one a lot..

  11. Wow! The parattas look very professionally made! :)

  12. wow nice presentation for making parathas dear.
    u have a lovely blog ..


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