Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Made Garam Masala !!!!!

Home Made Garam Masala
Garam Masala which means "Hot Mixture" is not so hot as the name suggests...But it is really the magical Indian spice mixture used to add that special flavor & fragrance....!!
Instead of using the shop bought ones,  I like my mom's way of making it at home...And once you try it at home, I am sure, you will never again buy it from shops...It really makes such a lot of difference...!!

Just you need a little time and you can have the home made garam masala which can be kept in an air tight container and used for months.....Though I said months, I like to make it in lesser quantities...As the more you make and store, the harder to keep the flavor locked...So always try making it in lesser quantities...

There are different regional variations of garam masala depending on the combination of spices used...I like the one with fennel seed flavor having an edge over the others... You can always do your experiments with the combination and explore the choice of your taste buds with it...!!

Here is my recipe to start with !!

  1. Fennel seeds           - 10 tsps
  2. Cinnamon Stick      - 1  ( 2" long)
  3. Cloves                      - 10- 15 Nos
  4. Cardamom Pods    - 10 - 15 Nos
  5. Black Pepper          - 2 Tbsps
  6. Star Aniseed           - 4 Nos
  1. Dry roast the ingredients in a skillet until a nice aroma starts coming. ( Don't let it get burnt. 5-7 mins roasting on a medium flame will do ).
  2. Allow it to cool and dry grind using a mixer. 
  3. Store in an a dry and clean container and use as required.

Dont forget to experiment with other combinations too.....!!  Enjoy !!!


  1. Nothing will beat the homemade spice powder, garam masala powder looks fantastic dear..

  2. Have never tried making garam masala at home, am sure this tastes much better than the ready made ones..

  3. a very useful recipe..most used masala..

  4. nice post ..thanks for sharing...

  5. WOW..very nice recipe for garam masala..needs everyday in my cooking..I do not add fennel seeds to my garam masala..sounds new to me..must try this next time when I am making my own masala.

  6. homemade one taste really delicious nice post . the propotion of ingredients is very important

  7. Great post! I always prepare garam masala at home since I dnt like the taste of storebought ones..Its the flavour of fennel seeds that dominates my garam masala powder too :)

  8. well...i never tried star aniseed in my masala powder instead i use 3-4 more sticks of cinnamon... gr8 post...thanks for sharing...

  9. Home made spice is always best. Thanks a lot for this wonderful preparation of garam masala.


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