Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Made Ghee / Clarified Butter !!!

Home Made Ghee
Ghee/ Clarified butter is one of the main Ingredients for Indian cooking, mostly used for light as well as deep frying and it is an inevitable item for most of the Indian sweets...Ghee contains the right combination of essential fats  that is  recommended by Ayurveda for a healthy living... (source)
There are a lot of health benefits of ghee when compared to butter and it has a higher shelf life  without any refrigeration. 

Some of the benefits of ghee are here...
  • It helps to maintain a balance of the digestive enzymes in the stomach.
  • It is an ideal cooking oil as the smoke point of ghee is very high (485° F / 252° C).  
  • As the lactose content of butter is completely removed while making ghee it is suitable for lactose intolerant people.
  • It adds that extra flavor that has no substitute.
The list goes on !!! 

Now a days I dont search the Indian stores to get ghee as I have started making it at home from butter. It is an easy process once you  master the expertise of making it. Here are the steps behind ghee making at home. 

  • Butter                 - 250 gm ( unsalted)
Ghee making at home

  1. In a heavy bottomed & deep saucepan, melt the butter on a low heat. 
  2. Keep boiling it in medium heat and it starts foaming now.You can stir in between with a wooden spoon to prevent the fats getting solidified on the sides.
  3. Continue boiling in medium heat for another 10- 15 mins. By then the foaming stops and slowly it becomes clear enough to see through the liquid. Keep an eye so that it doesnt get burnt. 
  4. Switch off the heat now and allow it to cool for 5-10 mins. 
  5. Strain it to a dry and clean container and store air tight.

    Home Made Ghee

    Note : Dont forget to use a dry and clean spoon while using the ghee for your cooking or as a spread instead of butter. 

    Enjoy the goodness of home made ghee !!!!


    1. interesting!very useful information when leaving in a foreign county...

    2. Nice info on ghee..I too make sometimes, not much as we tried not to have too much ghee in our diet..but I know Aroma, when you make it..feels like you are in Indian Mithai shop..feel like having that jar right now..lol..

    3. very nice..i too make homade ghee..I add few drops of curd in the end for nice flavor.

    4. What a beautiful colour the ghee has!!

    5. I do the same too, very useful post!!

    6. Nice post.. I too make home made ghee.. thanks for sharing dear!!

    7. Wooow Very Nice one dear ,,i like the fresh n nice aroma while butter melting n forming to ghee stage wooow superb flavour ...can't compare store bought ghee to our homemade ghee dear..

    8. I absolutely love the smell of home made ghee dear..nice presentation

    9. i used to prepare the ghee the same way.. its a time consuming job but the best part is we could get thereally tasty one
      i know this homemade one gives very good taste than the store bought..good job yarr

    10. Lovely post!! Thanks for sharing this recipe.. Ethu kandittu neyyum parippum pappadavum kootti chorru kazhikkan kothi varunnu :)

    11. when i look at the lovely bottle of ghee, I wuld like to make some immdeiately!!!

    12. Nice post da...I too make it at home always !

    13. I love that bottle of ghee. Looks fab! I am crazy for homemade ghee and it's my fav on rotis and idlis :)

    14. love homemade ghee, looks beautiful


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