Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Instant Palgova !!

Instant Palgova
What better way than a sweet distribution to spread a happy news....Right...?

Yes..There is some celebrations going on back home as my BIL's marriage got fixed ...& 4 us , its again time to look forward for the next trip to the God's Own Country :)

Though there is still a lot of time for the marriage, I just could'nt wait to make some sweets to welcome the new bride...!

Today I tried out this instant Palgova recipe which I had bookmarked from here and I subsituted ghee with melted butter in the basic recipe...!!

Making palgovas from fresh milk is a real time consuming process which never came across my mind while enjoying them from the Milma Milk Parlours those days... !!

The recipe here calls for an instant microwave method... Taste-wise the microwave version didnt make us upset as it was equally good with a few plus points too....the only utensils needed were a microwave safe bowl and a non stick spatula & no messing up of kitchen & of course the Palgovas were ready in less than 10mins !!  What else do U need when U r in a mood to have something sweet and that too instantly..!!

Now enough of bla bla & here is the recipe.

  1. Sweetened Condensed Milk   - 1 tin (400gm) ( I used the fat free version )
  2. Thick curd / Yogurt                - 1 Tbsp
  3. Butter                                        - 1 Tbsp ( melted)
  1. Mix all the ingredients with a non stick spatula in a microwave safe bowl. Take a bigger bowl as the milk may start rising while it boils.
  2. Microwave it for 2 mins. 
  3. Take out and stir it and keep again for 4 more mins with stirring after every 1 min.You can see the milk getting curdled after each turn.
  4. It starts turning light brownish when the palgova is ready. 
  5. Take out from the microwave and transfer it for cooling in a tray smeared with butter. Once cooled down to a temperature that your are comfortable to handle with your hand, Palgovas can be made into any desired shapes. 
I found this a great way to make an instant sweet box when you have to gift someone for any special occasion....!!

Try out the tasty palgovas & Njoy !!
(The quantity makes 10-12 palgovas of the size shown.)

I am sending my sweet box to the MEC event , MEC Kids party food hosted by Priyanka & started by Srivalli of Cooking for all seasons  !!


  1. Hope the new bride will tryout this thing!!!!

  2. Dear Deepti, Hearty wishes to your BIL. Yeah, long back I saw this palgova recipe..bookmarked too but never tried..Now, after seeing your picture I feel like doing immediately..will try and let you know Dear..Your pictures are so good..yummy palgova..

  3. wow,,will be glad if u send this over for mec kids party food event :-)

  4. looks so delicious.i used to prepare this at home.very simple and easy recipe ..The best gift u can give to anyone..
    hope the new bride will enjoy eating this

  5. sure new bride will like this simple and delicious palkova...

  6. Tempting palgova, looks truly tempting..

  7. Congrats to your bil..I make them too, exactly the same way :-)

  8. Wow, simple yet tasty version of pal gova. Would try and let u know :)Thanks for sharing.

  9. Never thought making palgova is this much simple!

  10. that's so sweet..lovely recipe

  11. That's such an easy method to prepare Palgova. I'm definitely trying this one Deepti. Thank you for sharing this recipe with all of us.

  12. Deepti,,thanks for ur sweet words dear thats not a probs for delayed reply ,,better late than never dear... palkova looks delicious n very simple ingredients n quick to make sooo sweeet n easy palkova dear,,,am glad to follow ur blog deepti..

  13. Though I love palgova ,I never do it at home as it is a tedious process .Your method sounds easy and simple .Sure to try this and see. Thanks for sharing

  14. Liked ur version of making palgova and best part is they are ready in 10 minutes

  15. Tried this for Lakshmi Pooja. Awesome, quick and well received...


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