Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kerala Fish Fry......From my Daily Menu

Kerala Fish Fry

Adding a fish recipe is never anything special for me, as it is there on a daily basis at home..., So I always keep postponing a fish recipe @ Panchamrutham...
Anyway decided to choose a fish recipe for this week, which is the simplest Kerala style fish fry.

There are different ways that I try out fish frying depending on the availability of ingredients....But this one is the recipe that I used to try for the daily menu as it is the simplest with the ingredients always there in my kitchen.

You can try this for any of the fish varieties..Ive chosen my favorite Seer fish (NeiMeen) for today's menu...It is one of the tastiest varieties of fish that we used to get in Kerala.

Here is the simple recipe for a tasty fish fry!!

  1. Fish pieces ( washed & cleaned )        - 5 
  2. Turmeric Powder                                 - 1/2 tsp
  3. Kashmiri Red chillie Powder               - 3 tsp (Add more if you want)
  4. Black Pepper Powder                           - 1 1/2  tsp
  5. Salt                                                          - 1 1/2 tsp 
  6. water                                                      - 3 tsps
  7. Oil                                                           - for shallow frying
  1. Mix ingredients 2 - 6 in a small bowl to a paste. Brush the fish pieces with the paste so that it gets coated to the pieces uniformly. Leave this for atleast 1/2 hour before frying. You can keep them refrigerated for this.
  2. Heat oil in a shallow frying pan. Once hot , add the pieces and fry them in medium flame. Turn over after about 4-5 mins to get the other side done.
  3. Once both the sides are done, take the pieces and allow them to drain the oil on a paper towel.
Fish Fry is ready to go to the table.....Keep some lemon pieces to reduce the spices if you want..Also don't forget to add some Onion slices on top....It is nice to munch these onion slices once they are with the fish pieces for some time.
Enjoy !!!


  1. Great presentation especially the fish figurine, made the same way without black pepper.....

  2. kidilan fish fry...Shall I come over for lunch, Deepti :-)

  3. wow looks so crispy and surely must be very tasty...

  4. Amme ithu kandittu thanne vayaru niranju..Yumm yumm.....

  5. Deepti, thanks for visiting my place and leaving a comment. I will surely add your space to my blogroll..Just gimme a day or so, been having some issues with updating and will link it once it is clear..I'd lov to be on your blog roll too..

  6. wow very tempting fish fry...loved adition of pepper [powder...looks yummy

  7. This is how I make it too :)

  8. hi deepti
    I love this fried fish ! coem and see my surprise fisch too !! cheers from Paris Pierre

  9. WOW.. this is so decadent and a nice recipe too.

  10. Cute presentation :)I love fish fry. Glad to come across your blog..You have got some great recipes..


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