Sunday, February 28, 2010

Therali Appam ....Attukal Pongala Special !!!!!!!!!

It is a local holiday today at my home town Trivandrum and it makes me nostalgic with the sweet memories of the famous Attukal Temple Pongala.......First I thought of writing in detail on this Ladies only festival which has occupied its name in the Guinness World records....Later I got a Wonderful Blog exclusively for Attukal Pongala festival...So I am not repeating any thing here...Interested readers can visit

Being brought up at Trivandum, I never missed joining in with my grandma , mom & all relatives on this occasion to offer a Pongala for the Attukal Devi....Since last couple of years, though I could'nt join them physically, my mind is always with them offering my Pongala.

There are so many items which are prepared as offering for Attukal Devi on this day, such as Sharkara Pongal (Payasam), Cooked White Rice, Mandapputtu ( prepared from a mix of green gram, rice flour and jaggery) , Therali Appam , Cooked green gram, Unniyappam etc...

My grandma used to assign each of us the duty to look after one item and Therali Appam is the one usually I will be assigned ...So this one has some how became my favourite item...It is a sweet offering prepared using rice flour, jaggery and banana...The name of this comes from the special leaf called Vayana leaf also called therali which are used for wrapping the sweet...

For the Pongala day we used to make them in large numbers and string them together using coconut leaf sticks...

The nice aroma that comes, once the appams get cooked is really irresistable...!!!

Here is the recipe of this special Pongala sweet that you can try out in case you can get hold of some Vayana leaves...


  1. Roasted Rice flour         -   2 cups
  2. Powdered Jaggery        -   1 1/2 cup ( Add little more according to your sweet tooth if required)
  3. Small banana                  -   3 nos
  4. Grated coconut              -   1/2 cup
  5. Cardamom powder       -   1 tsp 
  6. Vayana leaves                -  enough Nos for wrapping
  7. Coconut leaf sticks         -  enough Nos to keep the wrap in tact
  1. Wash the Vayana leaves to remove any dirt and wipe with a clean cloth.
  2. Fold the leaves as shown on the right and tie them using the coconut leaf sticks. Keep these moulds aside. 
  3. Now mix the ingredients 1 and 2 without forming any lumps.
  4. Add smashed bananas and grated coconut to this along with cardamom powder and mix well. ( We used to do this by hand as no gadgets are used for making offerings during Pongala. But you can use a mixer for this, as it may take more time by hand.)
  5. Now fill in the leaf moulds with a spoonful of the prepared mix and steam them for about 20- 25 mins. 
The nice aroma will only let you know when it is ready to be removed from the steam...
Allow them to cool and remove the leaf mould before serving .....

Wishing all ladies out there at Trivandum today, a Safe and peaceful Pongala Day !!!!!!!!!!


  1. Loved the info and this is new to me. Absolutely enjoyed the preparation method and sure to taste good too. Click is perfect and reflects the festival in its fullest. Best wishes to u and ur family on Attukal Pongala day.


  2. Wow such a beautiful dish, love the way u have prepared them, very new for me..thanks for sharing Happy attukal pongala day to u & ur family..

  3. Nice information .This is totally new to me .Very very interesting.

  4. great info and something new to the presentation..

  5. wow nice appams in leaf baskets, thy vl gt nice aroma...looks yummy...thnx for the nice info, i dint knw it

  6. I can imagine how good this would smell. I was just looking at pics of the pongala in today's always, they have some celebrity or the other in the pic - this year it is parvathi omanakkuttan.

  7. Really new for me..looks so great and i like you leaf basket..and little lord ganesha pics...

  8. Wonderful recipe, so new to me and an interesting way of preparation... nice pics and wonderful writeup!!!

  9. First time on your the authentic kerala recipes...your post reminded me of my own childhood summer holidays in tvm(my dad's family home)...wonderful post and recipe, my friend!

  10. Great recipe deepthi..will try this sometimes..u have a nice collection of recipe..will catch u with more updates!! cheers!


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