Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Getting over a Holiday Hangover !!!

Back from vacation, I'm Trying to recover from the laziness developed from too much of pampering at home.. 

Not yet in a mood to start new experiments at my kitchen....Will come back with a new recipe soon..
Until then sharing here a shot from Trivandrum Zoo taken during my holidays !!!!              

Zoo was never a place of much interest to me, until my son has started getting curious of the animal world...So decided to take him &  this time I enjoyed the trip a lot along with him.

The zoo is one of the oldest in India, situated at the heart of Trivandrum city. It was established as an annexe to the Napier Museum in 1857 by Maharaja Swati Thirunal, the erstwhile maharaja of Travancore.

Some of the cages were of the olden style with strong iron bars and grills where there is very little space inside for the animals. These cages are the remains of the olden days concept of Zoo management.

The Government of Kerala has already started and partially implemented the modernization of the zoo, giving spacious  and nature friendly enclosures for the animals. 

It was pleasant to see most of the animals there, enjoying now in these new habitats. 

Proud to be from this beautiful part of God's own country..!!!!!!


  1. Wonderful pics back from vacation... The deer looks very nice, as if they have lined up in a school ;)

  2. Thanks Ramya..
    Even I was curious to see them queuing up patiently for the food :)

  3. Hi,

    Thx for visiting my blog and for ur lovely comments, dear!!...u ve a wonderful blog...do keep in touch!

  4. Adipoli picture of the deers....nice space you have here..will keep visiting often :)

  5. Pictures of so many deers look really good Deepti. You have a nice blog here. Thanks for dropping by at my blog, have added you in my blorroll. Will visit you soon. Happy blogging :)


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