Friday, January 1, 2010

Semia Payasam (Kheer)…To Welcome 2010

Semiya Payasam

Though there are an ‘N’ varieties of payasams from the land of Kerala, when you hear the word 'payasam' it is this particular variety made using semia (vermicelli), that comes to the mind of any Malayalee as this is the most popular and easiest of all.

Payasams are an integral part of the Kerala sadya (feast) made during Onam & the marriages. This variety of payasam will be there for sure among the others during these occasions.

The kind of semia that we used to get in Kerala is the unroasted one, which we used to roast while making payasam. I happened to see this variety of roasted type of vermicelli (made from wheat) at the Indian stores in Wollongong and tried making payasam with it. After that I never bought the unroasted variety as the roasted variety was found to be easier, thinner and tastier. So if you can get this variety of vermicelli, I would suggest using them.

Let this simple and tasty payasam recipe be my first post for this year.


Roasted vemicilli                   -  1 cup
(If you can’t get the roasted variety, you can get the unroasted one and roast it with ghee).
Sugar                                      -  1/2 cup
Milk                                        -  2 ½  cups
Cardamom Powder              -  ½ tsp
Saffron threads          -  a pinch (optional)
Cashew nuts                         -  10 Nos
Raisins                                   -  10 Nos
Ghee                                      -  2 Tbsps

1.   Heat a pan with  1/2 Tbsp ghee. Add the cashews followed by raisins and roast them without burning. Keep this is aside. ( I didn’t add this for today’s preparation…But adding this makes a difference for sure…so don’t skip this).
2.  If you are using unroasted variety of vermicelli, first you need to roast them. For this heat a thick bottomed pan and add the rest of the ghee to it. Now add the unroasted vermicelli and stir it till it turns golden brown, without burning. If you are using the roasted variety, stir the vermicelli just to get them coated with ghee.
3.  Now add the milk to this and keep stirring, till the vermicelli gets cooked. It will become soft once cooked. You can check this in between. It may take about 10- 15 mins. (You can add more milk if you like to have the payasam with a thinner consistency. Also if you are keeping it  for long time, it tends to get thicker).
4.  Now add the sugar and stir it till is dissolves. Check for sweetness and adjust the sugar if you want more.
5.  Add the cardamom powder to this and stir once more and the Payasam is done.
6.  Garnish with Saffron threads and the roasted cashews and raisins.

Try out this easy payasam recipe ....& Let its sweetness spread to your thoughts, deeds and words in the coming year…

Once again New Year Wishes to all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sending my semia payasam to add a little sweetness to Shama's Kheer event !!

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