Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Maaladu / Laddus with Roasted gram or Pottukadala

Maaladu / Roasted gram laddu

Happy Republic Day & Happy Australia Day to all !!!

One more reason for a special menu at home for today is that it is my dad's Bday...

Felt good to be with him along with his grandson , on this day to add some happiness :)

Though Payasam preparation is what is going on in our kitchen, I digged out this sweet recipe from my drafts, which I had preserved to post for today as it is one of dad's favorites...

Maaladu is an instant laddu that has a soft texture that makes it melt in your mouth instantly. It is one of those indispensable items of Tamil Brahmin cuisine.

I learnt this recipe from my mom as she used to make it for special occasions at home...It is a simple and easy recipe to try out when you are in a mood to sweeten your taste buds...

Though the traditional recipe uses roasted gram alone, I've added some cashew nuts just to give it a crunchy texture....I hope nobody will ever say NO to cashews :)


  1. Roasted gram                          - 1 cup (If you are using unroasted ones, roast them in a pan without any oil)
  2. Cashew Nuts                               - 1/4 cup
  3. Sugar                                            - 1 /2 cup
  4. Ghee                                             - 1/4 cup
  5. Cardamom powder                     - 1/2 tsp

    Roasted gram / Pottu Kadala

  1. Take a clean and dry mixer and powder the roasted gram and sugar separately and then mix them together in a bowl. (Remember, Powder them separately !!!...This powder can be stored in an air tight container and can be used to make Maaladus as and when required)
  2. In a small pan heat the ghee just enough to melt it and add this to the above powder.
  3. Crush the cashew nuts to a coarse powder and add this to the bowl along with the cardamom powder.
  4. Now mix them all together and slowly roll them using your hand to make small balls. ( Be little patient to get them rolled without breaking..It needs some expertise)

Maaladu is ready to go direct into your mouth...Enjoy !!!!!!

Note : It can be stored in an air tight container and can be used within 1 week

I could make 16 laddus from the above recipe.


  1. I love this and do my family. Your laadu looks fantastic and the pic is perfect. Happy Republic day to u too. Birthday wishes to ur dad :):)


  2. wow, laddoo with roated gram...very easy but delectable preperation..first time here, u have a nice blog..visit me when have time

  3. Hi Deepti,
    Thanks for visiting me and your wonderful comment and also for adding my blog to your list...Appyayan means in bengali to serve the guests, here I am serving recipes to my visitors

  4. wow..nice and a quickie..love the clicks. they are so tempting..My first visit here, but I want to stop by here for long..nice space..


  5. Thanks Ms Chitchat,Indrani & Deepa

  6. I love these laddoo's, my grandma makes them we call it instant laddoos... She also adds coconut to it... When ever I make these it always reminds me of her... Your fish curry was even more tempting... this is my first visit here, shall come back for more...


  7. Maladu looks mouthwatering!!!
    First time here..Cute space..

  8. Hey Dipti

    first time here...Maladu looks delectable...nice space and recipes..
    cheers and do visit if you can


  9. hello dipti
    again a new thing for me thanks for the sharing of the recipe !!cheers from Paris Pierre

  10. I can imagine the difference it makes with the addition of coconut to this as suggested my Ramya...will definitely try the next time...Thanks Ramya..

  11. Thanks Tina, Ramya , Sarah , Jagruti & Pierre

  12. Healthy and yummy!


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