Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coconut Rice....

coconut rice

Bored of eating plain rice in combo with the regular side dishes..? Coconut rice is one option to try out then... It just needs a nice pickle to go along with it. 

Though the main ingredient in this rice is coconut, it is not that popular in the land of coconuts ( Kerala )...I got to taste this rice variety when I was in Bangalore and later started trying it  at home whenever I get lazy to go for an elaborate cooking.

This is an easy recipe that I'm sending 4 my hubby , for these few days of his forced bachelorhood... as he is too lazy to prepare so many dishes to have rice..

  1. Basmati Rice                     - 2 cups
  2. Ghee                                   - 1 Tbsp ( You can also use oil instead)
  3. Mustard seeds                  - 1 Tbsp
  4. Dried Red chillies              - 5 Nos
  5. Urad daal(white lentil)     - 3 Tbsp(split) 
  6. Curry leaves                      - 2 petals
  7. Cashews                             - 10 Nos
  8. Raisins                                - 10 Nos
  9. Grated coconut                 - 1 cup 
  10. Salt                                     - as per taste
  1. Cook the rice with a few drops oil and enough salt. Drain the water and keep this aside. Make sure not to overcook the rice so that it wont stick together. 
  2. Heat a small pan and add ghee. Once it is hot, add mustard seeds and allow them to sputter. 
  3. Now add ingredients 4, 5 , 6 , 7 & 8 and keep stirring till the daal and cashews turns brownish.
  4. Now add coconut and 1/2 tsp salt and keep stirring till it turns light brown. Dont allow them to get burnt. Switch off the heat and add this to the already cooked rice and mix uniformly. 
The coconut rice is ready and you can serve it with a pickle / pappad / curd.


  1. First time to ur blog space and loved it. You have easy and interesting recipes. Coconut rice is one of my favourite too. Liked the presentation in the coconut shell :):) Following u.


  2. Dear Ms.Chitchat
    Thanks 4 ur kind words..

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  4. Bumped in here through foodie blog roll...I must say u have a pretty catchy blog,good collections of recipes...

    Coconut rice is my fav,this just perfect and sounds delicious as well...

    keep rocking....

  5. Oh I love so much swwet rice and yous with coconut looks so good !!
    I am Pierre a french foodie who has a food blog dedicated to french créative cuisine ! come and vist my blog you are very welcome !! I hope you'll like it
    cheers from Paris !!

  6. Dear Pierre
    Thanks 4 droping in ..Happy 2 know that U liked my coconut rice recipe...Do try sometime & let me know...
    Btw U have got a Wonderful Blog with Awesome Photos & Presentation...Keep up with the Good work

  7. Dear Ramya Manja
    Happy to hear from U...& Thanks 4 visiting my blog.
    Do drop in 4 the upcoming recipes..

  8. Hi deepti.. thats cute presentation.. loved it. First time here and really impressed with your lovely dishes .. will be here often to see your lovely dishes.

  9. Dear Pavithra
    Thanks 4 ur sweet & encouraging words

  10. You have a lovely space. Here for the first time. The pic looks fantastic. All your pics are good. Keep it going. :)

    You are most welcome to my blogs too. Do peep in sometime.


  11. Thanks Nithya..
    Adding u 2 my Blogroll !!


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