Friday, January 22, 2010

AVATAR ...!!!

Watching movies in theaters have become something of the past ever since I became busy with my son...Somehow, this vacation I managed to watch this 3D movie, AVTAR  in theaters and it was a movie worth watching after a long gap...

Todays's post is neither a movie review nor a new addition to my cookbook, as you may think...It is just another random thought that came to my mind while watching the movie , which I thought to share with you...So go ahead only if you have some time to scratch your head reading it ...!!!

Those who have watched the movie might have seen the beautiful, distant moon Pandora picturised in it, inhabited by the warrior Na’vi tribe.... While watching the movie, my mind was searching for our once upon a time beautiful earth inhabited by all sorts of living beings including human beings.....Since my beliefs have the strong Indian background, I've limited here the scenario from the Indian subcontinent alone...

India has a strong cultural heritage that cannot be dated back exactly...The people of India were then living in great harmony with nature and that had strengthened the Indian culture which was known as Sanatana Dharma (It is an usage from the ancient Indian language, Sanskrit. English can hardly get the right meaning translated...One of the best translations would be "the way of life")...

The way of life so devised by the our great great ancestors was to live in harmony with nature, which the modern HI-TECH generation may find difficult to envision.....Indians had a culture that treated all the forces of nature as GODS...(eg: SUN (Sooryadev), FIRE (Agnidev), EARTH (Bhoomidevi), AIR (Vayudev)...etc)...Also all  flora & fauna were treated with love and respect...Animals like Cow, Snake etc and trees were worshipped as well and mother nature took care of its dwellers in return...This resemblance of Indian culture with the lifestyle in Pandora was a key point from AVTAR that took me back to the good old days...

With our modern life styles, we have almost lost the link that we should have had with nature.... At least the animals here on earth, still hold that link with nature and  it  is reflected in their lifestyle and food habits...Last week's Solar eclipse ( which was visible in India on Januray 15th)  also reminded me of the same, as animals could feel the change happening in nature around them without the need of any news channels's announcement...In this way they are far far better than the advanced humans....Though the old Indian lifestyle is impossible to return back, let us try to keep whatever is left  for our coming generations at least...

Anyway I felt relieved watching the movie's ending where Pandora was safeguarded by its inhabitants from the external attacks....Thanks to James Cameron for his Classic Work..!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. nice blog ...first time here...yummy collection of recipes...have added u to my list

  2. hello deepti
    i also go and watch it with my kids they want to sse it !! cheers from paris Pierre

  3. Nice blog, and some really mouth-watering dishes!
    I guess writer's thoughts cannot be held back, so you can freely pen down your random ones...

    Keep going!

  4. Hi deepti,

    First time here...u ve a wonderful blog..tempting collection of recipes! Do drop by my space when u get time!

  5. Dear Friends ...Thank U all 4 ur engouraging words


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