Thursday, December 31, 2009

Puttu ....The Steamed Cake of Kerala

There is a long list of traditional Kerala recipes that I was waiting to share during my vacation time in Kerala…Though I am enjoying eating them daily, the pace with which I could post them is going on very the time spent in front of the computer itself has gone down so much here…Finally today I have decided to add one recipe to wind up the posting for this year & to Welcome 2010....

Today’s breakfast menu, the famous Puttu ( പുട്ട് ) and Kadala (കടല ) of Kerala is the one I am sharing this time.

Puttu is a steamed cake with alternate layers of coconut and flour in it...This easy to make breakfast item is most common in any part of Kerala..The coconut partitions in it act as a kind of topping and also to get them into pieces for serving....

Various varieties of puttu are there depending on the ingredient...It can be made from rice flour, wheat flour, tapioca flour or Maize flour...The one made from rice flour is my favorite.... Puttu makes a great combination with Kadala (Chick pea curry), Payar (Green gram curry), Pappadam (Pappad), Pazham (banana) etc.

Some of my friends from other states always use to ask “What is this Puttu and how to make it?”. So here is the detailed recipe for Puttu. Hope it is helpful for anyone who wants to try their hands at making puttu for the first time, tempted with the Puttu flour packet avaialble from grocery stores.....!!

Happy Puttu making :)

Note: You may need the special puttu making vessels to get the usual shape in which puttu is made.... It consists of two parts , a steamer (പുട്ട് കുടം)  & the puttu maker (പുട്ട് കുറ്റി ). 
You can use a Pressure cooker with its lid having the nozzle instead of the steamer...
Puttu maker 1 as shown is the standard one which helps to make puttu with alternate layers of coconut. These were very useful in olden days when the number of members in the family were large and it could make puttu in large sizes at a time...
The nuclear families wont need that much quantity & so we have started using the smaller puttu maker 2 as shown...This puttu maker resembles the coconut shell, which were used previously to make puttu and were then called Chiratta Puttu ( ചിരട്ട പുട്ട് )...
(Don't worry if you can't get these vessels.... you can still try making puttu by using the Idli making vessel instead and steam them as you make Idlis..) 
Roasted Rice Flour                -  2 cups
Salt                                          -  1 tsp
Water                                      -  as requied
Grated coconut                      - 1/2 cup
    1. Mix salt with the rice flour. 

    2. Sprinkle water little by little over the flour and keep stirring it with your hand in such a way that it should have the just required moisture without forming any lumps. 

    Puttu is the easiest of the Kerala breakfast items, as the only thing you should take care is to get the right consistency in mixing the flour. It comes with practice and nothing better than your hands can do the job perfectly. 
    For those who still need to get the expertise, there is an easy way here....Instead of sprinkling water, add more water at a time and stir the flour and let there be lumps as shown. Then you can put them in a mixer and just whip once. This will give you the flour with the right consistency as shown. 

    3. Now you can fill the puttu maker 1 with alternate layers of coconut and flour or Puttu maker 2 with just one layer each of coconut and flour.

    4. Take enough water in the steamer and keep it for boiling. Once the steam starts coming keep the puttu maker in the nozzle and steam it for about 10 - 15 mins. Puttu will be ready by now.

    5. Using a thick spatula slowly push the puttu from the Puttu maker 1, separate the partitions and serve....The puttu made from Puttu maker 2 can be served by just turning the maker upside down..

    Puttu is ready to be served in any of your favorite combinations....

    Keep visiting here for the combination Kadala curry which will be posted soon...

    Wishing all my readers a very Happy & Prosperous New Year !!!!!!!!!

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