Friday, September 18, 2009

Panchamrutham / My First Offering......


Panchamrutham is a sweet offering made to God during Puja (worship) in Hindu temples ; the name translates to "Pancha" (Five),"Amruth"(Nectar) ie FIVE NECTARs . From Hindu Mythology Nectar (Amruth ) is a divine food of Gods which gives them Immortality (Amarathwam). Panchamrutham can be thus considered  as the nectar of immortality. I am sure if you ever had Panchamrutham in your life, its divine taste will be still immortal in your taste buds. 

Let me start my Blogging with a Panchamrutham offering itself.

The five Nectars for the Panchamrutham are 
  • Milk (preferably cow's milk)
  • Honey
  • Yogurt (Curd)
  • Sugar
  • Ghee 
I hope the standard Panchamrutham has gone through a variety of experimenting in various parts of India where the ingredients are altered with the availability and choices of the Nectars in each states.So here is a Kerala version of the Panchamrutham with the Nectars available at Wollongong

          • Banana (ripe)                   - 1 No
          • Jaggery(powdered)          - 1/4 cup 
          • Milk                                 - 1/4 cup 
          • Honey                              - 2 tbsp
          • Ghee                                - 1 tbsp
          • Raisins                             - 15 Nos
          • Dates                               - 5 Nos
          • Sugar candy                     - 15 Nos

In Kerala we used to get small and sweet banana called Kadalipazham ("Kadali" is the name of this variety of Plantain tree and "Pazham" is the Malayalam name for banana). It is considered to be the sweetest of all banana varieties available in Kerala and we used to prefer it for all offerings for God. Unfortunately here I am not able to get this banana. So I am trying my recipe with the only one variety of banana available here.

Jaggery is the preferred sweetneing agent in Kerala than Sugar. Its a healthier version as well.


1. Smash the Banana to a smooth paste.

2. Crush the sugar candy into coarse powder.

3. Make a Jaggery syrup by putting in water. Strain it to remove dirt if any. Dont make it too watery.

4. Heat a clean sauce pan and add the jaggery syrup and milk.

5. Once it starts boiling add the smashed banana.

6. Keep in low flame and keep stirring till most of the milk gets absorbed

7. Add ghee at this stage and keep stirring till it becomes thick. Switch off the heat.
Cut dates into small pieces and add to it along with raisins , honey and crushed sugar candy.  Stir it uniformly.
The Panchamrutham is ready to be served now.
Serve now or if you prefer the chilled version keep in refrigerator and serve chilled.

It came out so heavenly. Thank god...Finally my first offering came out well....!!!!

Since it is devoid of moisture content you can keep it in an airtight container and refrigerate it and use for a week.


  1. Good...

    Appavum chicken curryum undakkunna vidam post cheyyanam.

    Varan pokunna allkku ariyillengil ee link forward cheythal mathiyallo :)

  2. Enna pinne Next Appam thanne aayikkotte.

  3. Hey Aunty, Can I get the recipe for Avyival curry ? ;-)

  4. umachi..... next pork ribs dry and frog leg chilly .... no veg plz :)

  5. Hai Deepti, It was awfully nice of you to post the Panchamritham recipe which we get only in Pazhani Murugan temple. May God bless you. I'll prepare it immediately, offer to God & taste it. I just can't wait. By the way as a fellow Keralite, I guess I'll be visiting this blog of yours with love. Take care.


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